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Join us in one of our Elite Signature Programs: Mrs. Momshie’s The Freelancing Formula. This is a step-by-step blueprint on how you can start your very own online business as a Specialized Virtual Assistant or Freelancer, serving nationalities from the UK, USA, Australia, and Canada. In this course, Mrs. Momshie will reveal how you can acquire high paying projects, earn from dreamy clients and launch a sustainable online business from the comforts of working-from-home.

Check out our Program Modules below and Be Your Own Boss Now:

Program Modules

Setting a rock-solid foundation

In this Module, you will get a feel of how Virtual Assistance works. It will tackle mindset, heartset, choosing your target market, and choosing a niche.

Showing up and selling yourself

In this Module, you will learn how to market your business. We will tackle the best practices on social media, networking and acquiring testimonials.

Ideal Client Magnet

In this Module, you will learn how to find clients that will pay you. We will tackle on how to win a discovery call and setting up cold pitches with templates.

Manage Like A Boss

In this Module, you will learn how to put operating systems and procedures in place. We will tackle about realistic pricing, contracts and onboarding new clients.

Rebound from Rejections

In this Module, you will learn how to move forward from prospective client rejections. We will tackle how to smile on it and move on to the next person on your prospect list.

Claim Your Visibility Online

In this Module, you will learn about the importance of having your very own business website and business email.

Designed to Work Around Your Time and Availability

Completely online, this innovative step-by-step program gives you videos, printable templates and online worksheets in every Module that you can work through, from start to finish, at your own pace.

I’ve specifically designed this program to work around you, your availability, your life and your business goals, structuring each step in a way that is educational and practical.

Not only will you learn about the Virtual Assistance industry, but you will also gain the confidence you need to move forward. Each individual step of this training program will move you to strategically create a business that is lucrative – and fun.

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Meet your Work-from-home Guide

Hi! It’s Momshie Dee. I want to congratulate you for taking a leap in your work-from-home journey! You are here because you want to make changes in your current situation.

Our Elite Signature Program, “The Virtual Assistant Formula” is an in-demand service that is exclusive for a small number of new Filipino Virtual Assistants who are committed and serious to work on their part. It provides easy-to-follow Modules that you can self-study at your own convenience. Since you are investing on this program, it only means that you are committed to take action every day to make this a reality.

Why choose Momshie Dee as your Guide

Momshie Dee is a walking, living testimony of the blessing of Virtual Assistance. With a decade of experience, she has helped thousands of companies abroad by taking care of their business while working from home.

Starting out with nothing was not a hindrance for her. It was her willing heart that moved her forward and a couple of people who believed in her capacity that brought her to where she is right now. Groomed to be a multi-passionate Virtual Assistant by her first employer back in 2010, she covers website development, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management, Article and Video Marketing, and Ecommerce. She continues to help more businesses, help her community and help empower fellow Filipino virtual assistants today.

I’m holding this intention with you so let’s co-create your successful work-from-home journey.

“You can START with what you have and make the most of it… even with just a willing heart.”

“You can START with what you have and make the most of it… even with just a willing heart.”

Momshie Dee


Build and grow your own business online with a small capital

Equips you with confidence and knowledge in a competitive industry

Access the modules on the PC or phone 24/7

Easy to follow lessons delivered on videos

Provides worksheets to help you reinforce in each lesson

Comes with free template printables

Gain one on one support about the program

Self-paced program

3 Months Access

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Disclaimer: Just a few things to remember before signing up…

By signing up, you clearly understand that Mrs. Momshie is not promising outcomes included but not limited to increased income, employment and getting hired as a Virtual Assistant.

All information about both of us will remain strictly confidential.

A successful partnership requires a co-active collaborative approach between client and mentor. Mrs. Momshie plays the role of a facilitator of change, but it is the client’s responsibility to enact or bring about the change by their own action.

Be sure to have your pen, notebook, laptop or computer in place during our co-working session. Prepare your questions before-hand.

You must understand and agree that you are fully responsible for your business including your choices and decisions.

By purchasing our programs, it means that you understand that we are solely aiding you in achieving your defined goals by giving Mrs. Momshie the consent to assist you in achieving such goals and aims.

We strive to please every member here! To be sure you are comfortable with the course you are enrolling in, check through the content section to see what will be included so that you are 100% okay with what to expect. We will not refund any purchases of programs, bundles, sessions and digital products.

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