Start With What You Have As A New Virtual Assistant

I found this quote on Facebook earlier today and it says: “The money goes where the purpose is.”

That is just very true, at least for me, because I’m one who doesn’t really have the money! But I am one who also knows how to create that money that is needed for that purpose… for that thing that you really want to to have.

Let me give you an example, a real example. Back in 2011 when I started working from home, it was also the year when I started to open my freelance business, The VA For Life.

At that time, there was an urgency as a couple … we needed to have
our very own house. So my husband and I talked about it.

“How are we going to get started ?”

Well, first things first, we need to get the draftsman who will
draw the blueprint of the house. So how much does it cost to
hire a draftsman? So we went and found this person charging us like about 4 000 pesos. Roughly a hundred dollars at that time.

Tune in to the video for the full story.

Find the determination to start as a virtual assistant with the things that are available to you. You don’t need to invest in too much!

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